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A Evening Celebrating Costume Designer William Ivey Long

Welcome to my first #UpWithTheCurtain blog!

It will be all about behind the scenes of the Broadway Industry. It's what fans who love theater in NYC don't get to see. So, here's to my first post and it's all about Broadway's 6-time Tony Award winning costume designer, William Ivey Long.

With William Ivey Long at BroadwayCon

Last week, I was invited to attend his Sardi's caricature portrait reveal. That is where folks in the industry celebrate the work of an artist on Broadway with a cartoon-looking headshot that goes on display in the restaurant.


I admit, this was my first time in Sardi's! I know, I know. That's crazy, right? I was 30 minutes early so I immediately went in search of one particular Broadway star: Bernadette Peters. Those of you who know me, aren't surprised. ( Spoiler alert: It is across from the elevator on the 2nd floor).

The party was upstairs on the 4th floor. It was also to celebrate William Ivey Long's 70th birthday! There were producers, journalists, photographers, family and friends of his in the crowded room. While we waited for the ceremony to begin, I briefly chatted with Laura Osnes and Karen Ziemba. I interviewed Laura back in January when she was in Crazy For You, but never met in person. So, I went to say hello and introduce myself. Karen is now starring in Prince of Broadway. I have my picture with her from when I went backstage to meet her in Curtains.

There were a few speeches in William's honor. One sort of roasted him a little, talking about how this was his eulogy speech. Then, Laura Osnes was handed the microphone to sing George Gershwin's Someone To Watch Over Me as she teased next season's revival of Crazy For You. It was a beautiful performance.

The owner of Sardi's then revealed William's portrait.

Cookies (in the shape of his face) and birthday cake soon followed. I didn't get to stick around to try the dessert because I had another work function to attend.

I did get a moment to congratulate the man of the hour. "I had so much fun. I hope they ask me on again," he said of his appearance on #UpWithTheCurtain.

Here's the video from Broadway Con ( the wifi when this recorded was not great... but the audio is still there!)

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