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'Pretty Woman' is Coming to Broadway

I am pretty excited to see Pretty Woman on Broadway.

Not only to see Jerry Mitchell’s talented work on stage again but also because I feel like I know everything that’s going on with the show! ( Steve Kazee, who plays Edward even joked that I can fill in as a swing).

Back in November, I wrote a piece for Entertainment Tonight featuring Orfeh, Jerry Mitchell and Steve Kazee previewing the show. At the time, there wasn’t much information about it revealed but leave it to me to get the scoop.

In January, the show held a “meet the press day” where I was afforded the opportunity to see the cast and creative team take their first group photos together and do some interviews. I also got to see all their script binders laid out on the table which was cool. That piece will go up in time for the show’s first performance in Chicago on March 13 before heading to Broadway in July.

I also then re-interviewed Steve Kazee and Samantha Barks for Broadway Direct. Look for that feature soon too!

What’s really awesome about Pretty Woman is that I have known one of the ensemble members for 10 years. Jillian Mueller (Samantha’s understudy for Vivian) and I performed in Thoroughly Modern Millie together at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank ,New Jersey together. That was the last show I ever did before really taking with my journalism career. The next month, I moved to Binghamton for a reporting job at a TV station.

It’s crazy to see how far we both have come in the last decade!

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