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'Escape to Margaritaville' Via Broadway

I didn't get to ask everyone at the party, but I bet I was the only one to have chowed down at the place where Jimmy Buffett based his iconic song, Cheeseburger in Paradise. The restaurant is in Cabbage Key, Florida and the only way to get there is by boat. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I went while I was working as a TV News reporter in the area. It was an easy commute to paradise.

I bring it up because last week, the cast and crew of the Broadway-bound new musical Escape to Margaritaville toasted with margaritas (duh) as they 'sail away' for a few months on tour before coming back to Broadway in February. The show, which debuted in La Jolla, features an original story co-written by Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley with songs by Jimmy Buffett.

The send-off was held on the rooftop of the Galloway Green on 27th Street and 10th Avenue. The producers, entire cast and creative team were there. That's where I got to interview Jimmy Buffett and Mike O'Malley. I have to say -- Mike O'Malley is the nicest guy. We clinked wine glasses and talked all about the musical and GUTS which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. I remember watching the show on Nickelodeon as a kid. Here is my article about it for Entertainment Tonight.

Such a fun night in NYC!


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